CRM Analytics with Dashboard Reusable Components

With the recent Spring ‘21 release, Salesforce’s CRM Analytics now includes Reusable Components, which will bring ease in managing CRM Analytics dashboards and increase the work space to put multiple visualizations on a single page.

There are many reasons for relying on Reusable Components that come from the new release:

  1. Efficiency
  2. Consistency
  3. Field Proven Code
  4. Easier Testing

A Dashboard Component is a widget that can have multiple groups of widgets or charts which can be used in multiple dashboards.

Image 1 : – As we can see in Image 1, there is a new widget option as a Component Widget.

Component Widget

Image 2 : In Image 2, you can see what the Reusable Component Designer looks like, which is almost identical to the Dashboard Designer.

Reusable Component Designer

Image 3: In Image 3, you are able to put a link button or specific page in layout. Essentially, it allows you to put a different combination of page navigation as per the requirement on a different dashboard for the same Component.

Reusable Component Designer

Simply put, the Reusable Components in CRM Analytics provides the efficiency to write much less code. This means quicker development time, less bugs, and fewer bytes down the wire which brings a greater benefit to the Developer.

Here are a few items to keep in mind as you go to utilize the Reusable Components:

Benefits :

  1. The Dashboard layout can not have more than 20 pages so we can have Reusable Components to overcome this obstacle.
  2. No need to create multiple Dashboards to fulfill the requirements.
  3. Avoid recreation of the same lens in the different Dashboards.
  4. Improve query Run-time.
  5. Ability to link the different Component Pages using the link widget Button which can navigate to different pages of the component from the outside of the component widget. This capability will make the navigation dynamic.

Drawbacks :

  1. Cannot have the same components in different pages of a dashboard as a different query. Although, one can use the Move/Add feature of the dashboard to get the component into different pages.
  2. Broadcast of any selection from outside the widget can work on all widgets or components but not as individual widgets.
  3. Binding of the widgets of Reusable Components and other widgets is not possible as of now.