Tableau Data Trends Report 2022: Key Takeaways for AI

The 2022 Data Trends report from Tableau leads with findings related to AI, and it’s clear that AI is a leading priority for top executives across industries. In fact, one of the most significant findings was that 84% of C-suite executives believe they must leverage artificial intelligence to achieve their growth objectives, yet 76% report they struggle with how to scale. So how do they get there?

“Many considerations factor into the long-term success and sustainability of AI solutions: increasing amounts of data, costs of maintaining this technology, difficulty in staffing highly-specialized roles, and scaling AI pilots to widespread adoption.”

– Tableau, Data Trends, February 2022

The study emphasizes how intelligent workflows “will be brought to life and made more efficient with shared skills, mindset, and values” (It also references Data Culture, which we’ll address in a later post). On each page it’s clear that reaching the next stage and gaining a competitive advantage through artificial intelligence initiatives requires more than some warm bodies and an ability to code. The next step requires experience with rapidly changing, highly distributed data environments, along with the strategic vision of what AI, data warehouses, and the cloud can deliver. Gartner tells us, “You must deliver creative new uses of technology to enable your organization to scale digitalization rapidly.”

So how do business leaders use these insights to make the most of their assets? Most importantly, they can’t overlook these critical questions:

  • Does success hinge on real expertise in analytics, AI, or intelligent workflows?
  • Do you have an agile team (internal or external) available for a quick turnaround on deliverables?
  • If you’re working with a partner on AI initiatives, are they able to work together as an integrated team, or do they offer only a siloed task-based approach?

At SpringML we’re looking forward to conversations on these topics at Tableau Conference 2022 and throughout the year. Do you have any comments on this post or questions for our AI gurus at SpringL? Are you planning to attend Tableau Conference 2022? Let us know through the form below.

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