TC22 Day Two: Telling Stories with Next-level Visualization

The 2022 Tableau Conference continued today, and the users took center stage.

Iron Viz, described as the world’s largest data visualization competition, concluded today, after a months-long process where Tableau users from across the globe showcased their abilities to tell compelling data-driven narratives. This morning, the final three contestants had twenty minutes to complete data visualization projects that tell a story. (Yes, they had only twenty minutes, so if you were there but stepped out to get a cup of coffee, you probably missed it.) The results left the attendees in awe, and after the vote was tabulated, data analyst, Will Sutton, was declared the winner for his presentation on the state of youth literacy.

The contestants deserve tremendous credit. After all, they did dazzling work in a high-pressure situation, but it also shows the incredible power of the tools available today. If data is currency, then resources such as Tableau and CRMA are giving users new opportunities to spend, save or invest as they wish.

Yesterday we mentioned the announcement of Tableau Cloud (formerly Tableau Online) and some of the new features available, like public sharing of dashboards. Today we learnt more about its AI-powered data storytelling. Data Stories “automate the analysis, build, and communicate the insights to help people understand the ‘so what’ is behind their data. Creating a data story is as easy as drag and drop.” The expert on the stage used the powerful tool to focus on a critical topic which is food availability and distribution, including its impact on addressing hunger in America. One of the great takeaways from the demo was that you don’t have to be one of the largest corporations in the world to use data visualization to “wow” your audience, because now, mid-sized organizations can do it too. 

A majority of sessions concluded today, and the conference winds down tomorrow with some smaller, more targeted meetings. We’ll continue to provide feedback on what we’ve learned, and next week we’ll share our own session, demo, and customer story videos.

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