The Race for Vaccination: How SpringML Helps Accelerate State Vaccine Rollouts

With the announcement of a third approved COVID-19 vaccine, the race to achieve mass vaccination is officially in full swing. SpringML is proud to play a role as we help states across the country implement Google Cloud’s Intelligent Vaccine Impact solution.

Time is of the essence for anything related to the vaccine and our agile approach allows us to go from planning to execution on a project in a matter of days or weeks.

The applications we build are guided by these design principles:

  • Available anytime, anywhere and on any device: The system supports high volume to ensure every citizen can pre-register and check their eligibility with no access or availability issues.
  • Built for scale and security: The system is secure with strict policy and implementation guidelines — citizen information is stored and managed as per State Department of Health security policies.
  • Equitable distribution without bias: The data analytics and machine learning models we deploy ensure equitable and transparent distribution of vaccines.


We are working with the Virginia Department of Health to help plan and organize its vaccine distribution system across the state in order to perform equitable distribution of vaccines and manage burndown and wastage. We helped the state launch an online self-serve pre-registration tool that allows individuals to pre-register, check eligibility and access additional information about the state’s vaccination rollout. The site collects critical data to help forecast vaccine demand so we help the state identify supply chain concerns, assess hotspots, and track the impact of vaccine doses administered. Over 4 million users registered in the first few days of the rollout. This partnership is a continuation of our work together after the launch of the official COVID-19 Exposure Notification app last year with over 1.5 million users benefitting from the application.

North Carolina

We created an online tool for the North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services that allows people to check vaccine eligibility, register themselves and family members, and get notified when the state moves into their vaccine group. Once eligible, users can use another self-serve tool to find a vaccine site using a variety of criteria, powered by the Google Maps API.


We are working with the Oregon Health Authority to create an online tool that allows people to check vaccine eligibility, register themselves and others, and sign up to be notified once they are eligible to receive the vaccine. Additional functionality allows providers to create mass vaccination events and notify eligible populations of their availability. The pre-registration portal project was designed and deployed in just seven days


We are working with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to help citizens pre-register themselves and others for mass vaccination locations, and sign up to be notified once they are eligible to receive the vaccine. Pre-registration provides a configurable list of questions to ensure citizens are prioritized and notified when they are eligible for the vaccination. The site went live in just seven days and the response was immediate, with over 400,000 residents registered on the first day the tool went live and over 700,000 at the end of day five.

SpringML, in partnership with Google Cloud, is working with the following states to deploy a variety of components of the vaccine management solution:

From pre-screening and eligibility tools to matching vaccines with eligible arms, to tracking and reporting vaccine information, these solutions are modular and built on Google Cloud, enabling our team to swiftly integrate with your existing systems.

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