The Second Mile : How to strategically conquer the vaccine distribution challenge


Fourteen months ago, before the pandemic hit, I decided to make a significant addition to my lifestyle – running. I read all the articles, self help blogs, spoke to my trainer, and was mentally prepared to make progress slowly – one mile at a time. What I wasn’t prepared for was overcoming the challenge of the second mile. I applied every learning from my first mile – watched my heart rate, slowed down every .25 mile, hydrated after the first mile. But it absolutely baffled me that it took longer for me to overcome the second mile. My already exhausted body and muscle memory were failing. I had to pivot my strategy to conserve and throttle energy, and add new tools to my tool kit (a water bottle or an energy drink to be more specific).

Looking back at the COVID-19 pandemic response, I find parallels in my experience. There was first an immense challenge to tackle in getting enough testing kits, finding clinical resources, and leveraging all available staff – we essentially powered through all of our energy during that first mile of the COVID-19 response. But nothing prepared the world for the second phase – the vaccines. In an attempt to apply lessons learned from the first phase, we established guidelines, implemented phased vaccinations, and planned for provider enrollment. Yet, just like in my running journey, using the same tactics to conquer the second mile didn’t work for distributing the vaccines.

The infrastructure to administer the very limited supply was lacking, and there was a mismatch between allocating vaccines to the most vulnerable populations and actually getting them into the arms of the right people. It all comes back to not having the right tools in our toolkit.

Intelligent Vaccine Impact Solution

Leveraging the Google Cloud Platform, SpringML developed tools for every milestone of the Vaccine Distribution Process. Starting with identifying providers, tracking the journey of the vaccine, and identifying critical population hotspots, all the way to personalized notification and individualized scheduling links for immunizations. The Intelligent Vaccine Impact solution (the toolkit), is a suite of solutions that enhances the customer’s ability to:

  • Quickly publish updated, consistent, and accurate information
  • Get the vaccine into communities by managing the supply chain
  • Help with constituent scheduling and managing appointments
  • Provide a 24×7 engagement framework with intelligent chat and virtual agents
  • Consistently monitor and track vaccine administration to identify performance, trends and focus on anomalies
  • Safely and quickly assess community response around receiving the vaccine
  • Forecast where the demand could spike with upcoming phases and how that could impact the progress of vaccines

Modules of this toolkit include:

second mile 2

To learn more about the platform and how SpringML can help you conquer every mile of this COVID-19 marathon, visit our Vaccine Distribution & Allocation website or contact us at [email protected] today.