Top 3 things I’m looking forward to at Google Government Summit

SpringML is proud to be a Marquee Sponsor for the Google Government Summit. We are super excited to showcase our capabilities that help public sector customers get maximum value by adopting Google Cloud. Here are a few sessions and topics that I’m looking forward to during the event.

Partner Summit

SpringML had a fantastic experience with the Google Cloud Public Sector Partner team in 2022, and we look forward to the close-knit execution in 2023, and beyond as well. They truly put the partner ecosystem as the core of all their activities. Working with Jill Higgins, Partner Development Manager, Google, John Flores, Head of SLED Channel Sales – Google Public Sector, and Darryl Peek, Head of Federal Strategic Partnerships, Google, we were able to define our outcomes, review our areas of improvement on a regular basis, and build partnerships with the right contract holders and other partners.

We are looking forward to learning the 2023 partner alignment activities and building a joint go-to-market to help customers onboard on Google Cloud quickly.

NOAA Fisheries Smart Analytics and Machine Learning Preserving Ocean Life

NOAA Fisheries is responsible for the stewardship of the nation’s ocean resources and habitat. They provide vital services all backed by sound science and an ecosystem-based approach to management, while leading in emerging and innovative technologies. NOAA Fisheries has the goal of constructing a modernized IT system approach that includes analytics, machine learning, cloud technology, and artificial intelligence to inform enforcement staff to combat Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) fishing. Specifically, the Office of Law Enforcement (OLE) wants to uncover new ways to identify IUU fishing activity and quickly translate that information into visual and intuitive actionable tools.
Our very own Alice Bottcher along with Elton Ediborough from NOAA and Abenaa Addei from Google Cloud will be presenting their journey on Google Cloud and how NOAA was able to accomplish their mission to protect the ocean’s resources and habitat.

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Cybersecurity - A critical need for Public Sector Customers

Cybersecurity is one of the top priorities for Public Sector Customers. SpringML has built a dedicated security practice and will continue to scale with specialized resources who have clearance and also have technical capabilities in building CJIS-certified environments, FedRAMP-compliant applications, and HIPAA-compliant data processing for healthcare-related use cases. We are eager to learn more about Mandiant features, and how we can serve our joint customers using Mandiant.

W&B Security Assessment

Public Sector-focused Solutions

At SpringML, we have built fit-to-purpose solutions to address specific public sector use cases. Here are a few solutions that we would like to highlight:

Vision AI Solution

SpringML provides out-of-box, and end-to-end AI solutions for image, video, and vision AI use cases. Built with customized smart AI solutions to enable better infrastructure management, faster processing of documents, revolutionize patient care, and much more. We have packaged solutions for automated infrastructure maintenance for cities. Link. We are showcasing this solution at our SpringML table. Please stop by to see a live interactive demo.

City Vision

Combining state-of-the-art AI algorithms with powerful tools from Google Cloud and GIS capabilities. City Vision has everything you need to detect, control, monitor, and improve your operations.

Client 360

Escalate the speed and security of data-sharing capabilities across state agencies with an advanced platform that enables data structure, availability, accessibility, and analysis in real time.

Climate Resilience

Climate insights utilizing Earth observation data to understand climate risks, extreme weather, and climate adaptation into strategic and planning processes.

Javelin (Application Modernization)

Meeting state and local customers where they are in their digital transformation journey with a data-driven assessment to show them their path to application modernization and future infrastructure with innovative, maintainable, and cost-effective practices, tools, and technologies.

Pre-Eligibility Redetermination (Medicaid & Medicare)

Intelligent application development, with capabilities to integrate with existing website and contact center platform, to optimize and streamline accurate determination of Medicaid and/or Medicaid eligibility for citizens and state and local government.

Improper Payments/ Fraud Detection

Customized ML models to help identify patterns in claims to flag high probability, high propensity fraudulent claims with capabilities to process 103K+ in one week.

Vital Records/Data Management

Modern records/ documents /data platform optimizing performance, security, reporting, and visibility in real-time for records collection and centralization for improved functionality and view for citizens and administrators.

311 Call Center Modernization

Advanced 311 call center modernization accelerator combining the best complementing capabilities of Twilio, Google Cloud Dialogflow, Google Cloud CCAI, and Salesforce with ML/AI models for natural understanding and translation capabilities.

Vaccination Management (Monkey Pox)

End-to-end vaccine management platform to overcome the challenge and scale of any vaccine administration with key benefits including provider enrollment, clinical activities prescription analytics, pharmacovigilance analytics, critical population allocation, supply chain management, and vaccine administration reporting.

Grant Management

Modular, scalable, and cloud-native grant management accelerator with modern, mobile-friendly, and web-friendly design elevating faster support workflow, document collection, and case management prioritization and verification.


Here at SpringML, we are fully committed to Google Cloud Public Sector as a long-term strategic partner to serve our joint customers. Our focus is to build the next level of specialization within the Public Sector by building solution accelerators, cloud resources, and top-notch certified Google Cloud experts.