Top 7 Gift Ideas for Machine Learning & AI Experts

With the number of shopping days till Christmas getting smaller each day,  our team at SpringML wants to make your shopping easier.  We have done some research and come up with a list of 7 gifts that any ML Engineer or Data Scientist will love!

1. Google Home

AI-Powered devices are always a great hit with Machine Learning Engineers.  There will be a certain appreciation for it since they work on the technology. Keep up with the weather, sports games, or checking traffic is a breeze with  something like a Google Home. You can shop for one here from Williams-Sonoma.

2. BackPack

Backpacks are essential for any tech worker to hold their MacBook, headphones, and whatever they need for their workday. We have one from Salesforce that we thought was appealing.

3. Mug

To keep that coffee warm, we recommend yeti mugs to hold your drink of preference while working on your next Machine Learning project.  You’ll definitely be ready for your next code sprint.

4. Smart Toothbrush

The Machine Learning Engineer on your list will love an IOT toothbrush.  It uses ML technology to track your brushing patterns to see if you are over brushing or if you are missing some areas of your mouth.  We like the Colgate ® Smart Electric Toothbrush

5. Earphones

Music is a big part of any tech worker’s experience. Much of our time is spent in front of a screen, so having good earphones to listen to the latest tunes is very important. Audio Technica is at the top of our list, but there are plenty of other choices available online. 

6. Wearables

Wearables are fabulous since they track data, select music, and offer recommendations to the user, which is right up a Machine Learning Engineer’s alley. Wear OS has a variety of watches to choose from, from the sporty fitness person to everyday use at the tech office.

7. Further Education

Every Machine Engineer is always looking to continue their education in their  field. There are many courses and programs available, but here is one for free called the machine learning crash course using TensorFlow APIs. Even if that person is an experienced ML expert, there are always new ML packages to pick up and learn.

We hope this list will help in wrapping up the shopping for the ML/AI an expert on your list! Happy Holidays from the team at SpringML!