Twitter Reaction in Game 4 of the NBA Finals

The Raptors move to within 1 game of winning Canada’s first ever NBA championship at home in Toronto, winning a second straight game in Oakland 105-92. Even though this was a devastating loss for Warriors fans, let’s take a look at some things that were happening on Twitter.


For game 4, we created a twitter dataset that captured the tweets made during the game.
With GCP tools, we:

  1. used Tweepy to get the Twitter stream and published tweets to PubSub.
  2. listened to that PubSub subscription and pushed those tweets to BigQuery.
  3. deployed the setup with .yaml files and bash commands based on the following example.
  4. pushed all our code to the Google Cloud Repository

Twitter Findings

After everything was set, we found that a lot of tweets, hashtags, and emojis used before, during and after game 4 including:

  • 866,876 tweets posted
  • 372,937 hashtags used
  • 737,084 @ used
  • 79,297 emojis used

Hashtag Findings

Let’s take a look at some of the top 10 hashtags used:

Looks like it is overwhelmingly favoring the Toronto Raptors and people want to see the Warriors go down. #WeTheNorth appears almost 8 times more often than #DubNation or #Warriors.

@ Findings

Let’s take a look at the @’s used on Twitter during this time frame:

Game 4 @ on Twitter

Looks like the @ used was for sports and sports columnists. The one that stands out would be the pop singer @ShawnMendes. But it makes more sense since it he is a Toronto native pointed out here in this tweet.

Emoji Findings

Using the emoji package in Python, let’s take a look at the emojis that were used during this time:

  1. ?- 8997
  2. ?- 7547
  3. ?- 5702
  4. ?- 2909
  5. ?- 2647
  6. ?- 2530
  7. ?- 2406
  8. ?- 1952
  9. ?- 1847
  10. ?- 1772

Looks like people were laughing at the Warriors ? since losing this game, they are in a 3-1 deficit which is extremely difficult to overcome in an NBA Finals situation.

Here are some examples:

‘Warriors finna lose ? Raptors finna go STUEY’

‘golden state playing like they don’t want another ring ?’

Warriors Sub Situation Be Like…?

The sad ?face is probably realizing that the warriors will not win the game and most likely not the series now.

Here are some examples:

‘This could be the last game ever in Oracle ?’

‘Boogie came to Golden State for a free ring and now they’re actually relying on him to make plays in the finals ???’

‘We don’t deserve Steve Kerr ????’

Or maybe tears of joy:

‘seeing the warriors down 3-1 is just beautiful ?’

The T-Rex ? usage is interesting to point out since that was probably the closest emoji to a raptor.

Language Findings

It was interesting to look at what kind of languages were used with the langdetect package from Python. Some of the languages other than English that were detected include:

  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Tagalog
  • German
  • Indonesian
  • Japanese
  • Dutch
  • Catalan

This shows how many people around the world tuned into the NBA finals and tweeted about it.

Series Continues with Game 5 on Monday

If you have anything you are interested in seeing for the Game 5 Twitter sentiment analysis on Monday, drop us a line at or tweet us @springmlinc. We’d love to have you follow this blog series online and on Twitter.