What’s new in Tableau version 2021.4

We want to share our enthusiasm for some key enhancements that were recently released in Tableau 2021.4. New features span from improved designing of views for better analysis to more Business Science functionality to easier embedding capabilities across Tableau Desktop, Tableau Online, and Server. We are confident these new features will make the user’s analysis more insightful as analytics needs continue to evolve.

We will be discussing additions that we are most excited about, and why –

What features is SpringML most excited about in Tableau 2021.4?

Copy and paste dashboard objects

Tableau Developers at SpringML were thrilled to learn of improvements to ‘Copying and Pasting Dashboard Objects’ as it allows more efficiency with the layouts in the development of our dashboards. This feature is a large time saver. Repeating steps like formatting and aligning the text box and images again and again are in the past. Now you can format and align one dashboard object and then copy and paste the same dashboard object in the same dashboard or different dashboards and workbooks. One limitation of this feature is that sheets in vertical and horizontal containers cannot be copied. This has been a long sought after feature request, and we are pleased with the new abilities.

Data Change Radar and Embed Metrics into Webpages

In this version, they have upgraded a unique metric feature that allows you to more seamlessly set targets (or ranges). Our use cases for the ability to demonstrate ‘success’ (e.g. poor/fair/good, or red/yellow/green) span across a variety of data sets, and this feature permits that in a logical manner that is adaptable to changing needs. Clearly defined targets often reveal changes the user might want to explore further. In addition to the functionality, you can now also embed this on your own company website and monitor it outside of Tableau Server or Online.

See the video below for a review of this capability.

Data Change Radar and Embed Metrics into Webpages

Ask Data

Another interesting feature which we are really excited about is “Ask Data”. “Ask Data” was introduced a couple of releases back (in 2019); however, this release has presented some incremental upgrades in that they have added more complex functions in the search of data. Tableau is increasingly investing in this area (Augmented Analytics), as they discussed their goal of providing more “Business Science” features within Tableau at the Tableau Conference in November 2021. Previously, analytical terms like “average”, “sort”, “filter”, “limit” were ignored but now you can use these terms in the search engine. Additionally, table calculations are now possible on the data field and we expect more growth in this area from Tableau in the future.

The below video demonstrates some of the benefits to “Ask Data”. It is used primarily when a user has a specific business question, or they need some guided support in their thinking around their data. You can bypass building out a visualization, and start with “Ask Data” to get quick answers of your data or use it to help you get started on the development of a dashboard. In some instances, you just need to input some keywords and Tableau will supply an answer. The “Ask Data” feature can only be configured in Tableau Online or Tableau Server.

Ask Data - What’s new in Tableau

Additional Features in Desktop

Tableau has announced the use of multiple data sources with geographic layers for maps. This has been a highly sought after feature enhancement amongst the community, and will significantly support geospatial analysis that we perform. For example, suppose you have one table on geographical locations (zip code) and another table conveys a dimension like store location (based on lat/long) with sales attributed to it. This feature will allow you to overlay more data layers into your visualization, for improved analysis.

Another feature like the Replay animation video in dashboards, stories and workbooks is a small addition but helpful for those users that benefit from animation, typically with a time horizon.

Watch our screen recording below to explore these features as well as the “Copy and Paste feature” mentioned above –

Additional Features in Desktop

In addition to those mentioned above, Tableau offers documentation for review on all the new Feature releases: link.

Following is a complete list of the new Feature Set in Tableau 2021.4

Design Views and Analyze Data

  • Copy and paste dashboard objects
  • Share Ask Data vizzes with Slack
  • Use terms previously reserved for analytical functions in Ask Data
  • Query fields with table calculations in Ask Data
  • Add Ask Data lenses to Favorites
  • Provide feedback to Ask Data lens authors
  • Rename fields and tables when authoring Ask Data lenses
  • Replay animations in dashboards, stories, and worksheets
  • Use multiple data sources with geographic layers for maps

Unique Features in Tableau Online and Tableau Server

  • Identify outliers with Data Change Radar (limited preview)
  • Start search with quicklinks for popular content types and recent owners
  • Embed metrics into webpages
  • Configure new comparisons and statuses for metrics
  • Edit published data sources

Prerequisites: Licences and Software

  • A Tableau Desktop, Online or Server license. If you don’t have this, you can start a 14-day trial.
  • All the products should be v2021.4 or later.


If you have an interest in learning more about how Tableau’s feature enhancements can benefit your company’s Analytics advancements. Please reach out to our sales team for more information.

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