Wound Healing Meets Big Data

Healthcare organizations are turning to data to gain insights to make accurate predictions on patient outcomes.  A recent customer wanted to use AI/ML  to identify patient wounds that won’t heal. These insights are valuable for healthcare organizations and help doctors  understand the key drivers that help wounds heal and provide better medical care and treatment to their patients.


To solve this problem, we created a classifier to identify if the wound will heal or not.  Given a new patient’s health history and lifestyle, our model can accurately assess if a wound will heal,  giving medical professionals information to suggest treatments to the patient.  


1. Extracting Data

The dataset was collected and stored in Google’s BigQuery.  It was rich with useful information but was spread out in a variety of different tables, which required complex JOIN clauses to bring the information into one centralized dataset.

2. Data Exploration

Although a great deal of research was required to understand the features and the medical terms, medical experts guided us on the various nuances in the wound healing process.

3. Feature Engineering

With the help of subject matter experts, we were able to identify and create new useful features for model predictions.

feature engineering

4. Model Training

We trained the model on different classification algorithms and evaluated its performance on a test set.  

Here are the results of our best model: 

Evaluation Metrics Percentages
Accuracy 90.97%
Precision 91.90%
Recall 89.96%
F1 Score 90.92%

Future Work

Depending on our customer’s interest, there are possibilities to re-train the model to reduce the number of features in the dataset while still holding its predictive accuracy.   For online and real-time predictions, the model can be hosted on Google Cloud and integrated into the customer’s CRM platform.  

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