SpringML’s City Vision accelerator is at the forefront of the smart city revolution by providing a solution that helps assess road damage and resolve issues with more precision and speed. It empowers the public sector to enhance existing vehicle fleets with computer vision and artificial intelligence technologies to prioritize and optimize existing infrastructure, available resources, and improve public safety.

Automated inspection to keep your city functioning and beautiful

Pothole, manhole maintenance and road safety

Code enforcement and violation

Build systems to empower inspectors

Building Quality image datasets for ML training

Vision models are a powerful tool for using the unstructured visual data of the real world to make automated decisions. Watch the video, which acts as a guide to building a high-quality dataset for training vision models efficiently and effectively.

AI-powered cities enhancing public safety

City Of Memphis-City Vision

City Of Memphis

  • AI-enabled Memphis to identify 75% more potholes than before method
  • 800 potholes detected for action
  • More than 100 potholes were referred to the Tennessee Department of Transportation

“The City of Memphis has been a proud partner with Google Cloud and SpringML in developing these incredible and ground-breaking capabilities. This project will enable Public Works to be a revolutionary leader in efforts to proactively tackle municipal challenges in a more strategic and effective way like never before.”

– Robert Knecht, Director of Public Works, City of Memphis

Costa Mesa City Vision

Costa Mesa Sanitary District

  • 5,000 manhole covers detected
  • Savings of more than $40,000 every year
  • Manhole analysis frequency from annual to quarterly making the process of replacing damaged manholes more proactive and efficient!

“An intangible benefit is safety. CMSD employees are not subjecting themselves to potential life-threatening injuries by being struck from fast moving vehicles when they were in the street manually inspecting manhole covers to other operational areas such as spending more time cleaning the sewer system and/or performing closed circuit televising of pipeline to evaluate the current condition of the asset. The transferring of work hours to other operational areas is helping CMSD prevent sewer spills, which can lead to large fines from the State.”

– Nabila Guzman, Management Analyst



Get Started with City Vision

City Vision has everything you need to detect, control, monitor and improve your operations – even at large scale. And because accuracy and speed are paramount, you can rest assured that City Vision will get the job done right. So why wait? Experience the magic of AI in action today – contact us to learn more about how we can help you with your specific data needs.


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