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Sales Cloud Einstein Accelerator

Are you just getting started with Sales Cloud Einstein? Need help to roll out Sales Cloud Einstein across your enterprise sales team to drive best practices and adoption? SpringML can help you with our Sales Cloud
Einstein Accelerator. This Accelerator will enable you to deploy Sales Analytics, review best practice for Salesforce Inbox, and coach your team on how to leverage the other AI features in workflows and operations!

Sales Cloud

Propensity to Buy Solution Accelerator

SpringML’s Propensity to Buy Accelerator analyzes a customer’s history of purchasing actions and past and current behaviors to predict the likelihood they will buy or become a repeat customer.

Propensity to Buy

Predictive Churn Solution Accelerator

Download SpringML’s Predictive Churn Accelerator to find out how you can get a 360-degree view of your customer to determine the likelihood they will leave, cancel, or choose not to renew.

Predictive Churn Solution Accelerator

A Comparison of Kubeflow & TFX(TensorFlow Extended)

In this report, we compare two technologies that have come out of Google for managing machine learning Pipelines. The first is Kubeflow, which has been in development since 2018 and was originated as a way of bringing the ideas of TFX (used only internally at Google at the time) to the public via open source tools and is in the process of changing as many developments as open source tools come and go. The second is TensorFlow Extended (TFX) itself. Google announced that it would be making TFX available to the public at the end of 2018.

Comparison of Kubeflow & TFX

Intelligent Document Processing

OverviewFor many companies, operations rely heavily on the processing and handling of all kinds of documents. From invoices and purchase orders to resumes and legal documents, a business can sink or swim based on how it handles its data and records. Whether these are physical documents or digitized, an organized and reliable system is required to …

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Intelligent Document Processing

Upgrade Your Call Center with Dialogflow

Computer scientists have been seriously exploring artificial intelligence — the idea that machines can mimic the cognitive functions of the human brain — for more than 60 years. No longer the stuff of science fiction, AI now has practical applications across industries and functions, and businesses are adopting it for everything from marketing personalization and image classification to supplychain optimization and fraud detection. One technique in particular forms the backbone of many organizations’ AI strategies: machine learning (ML), which uses large volumes of data to train sophisticated algorithms to self-improve.