The Art of Storytelling Using Data

Long before there was data or writing or even a spoken language as we understand it, there were stories. The cave paintings at Lascaux give evidence of the power of storytelling at least 17,000 years ago, predating civilization by many millennia. From the first bedtime stories we loved when we were young to the latest blockbusters …

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Artificial Intelligence: Automation or Augmentation

Science-fiction books and movies have long proposed the idea of a world influenced or dominated by “thinking” machines. Today, artificial intelligence, or AI, can be found in many of the technologies that you use in your day-to-day life. Whether it’s in creating UX-enhancing chatbots or preventing the next cybersecurity data breach, it’s clear that this cutting-edge …

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Enterprise Data Warehouse Migration to BigQuery

Traditionally large organizations have used on premise data warehousing systems like Teradata. Such systems require huge investments especially when faced with scalability challenges. In this video we walk you through how you can rapidly migrate to Bigquery using automated tools.

SpringML Label Detection App

Artificial Intelligence is transforming every industry. In manufacturing, machine learning is making a huge difference in automated quality control. Visual inspection and issue identification is an important aspect of quality control.

Easy Tips for Marketing Teams to Communicate Analytics Results

Some of the best data analysts are marketing professionals. Marketing teams track and pay attention to a huge amount of performance data including customer engagement, lead capture, audience interactions, events and website data. Each of these areas has several key performance indicators (KPI) including bounce rate, cost per lead, marketing qualified leads and blog views. Marketing …

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