Vaccine Distribution & Allocation Solution for Providers

This SpringML video provides a brief overview of the robust and effective solution we created for Vaccine Providers, which would help them with effective planning, execution and the related analytics involved in the distribution and administration of the COVID-19 vaccine. Watch this video for more details: Vaccine Pre-screening and Scheduling Checkout our Vaccine Eligibility Screening page …

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Introduction to Data QnA in BigQuery

Data QnA is a new feature of BigQuery by Google Cloud which allows analytics using natural language questions on BigQuery data. This interactive feature allows the users to get their analytical questions answered without writing SQL or waiting for an analyst to create a report for them. Watch this demo video for more details
Data QnA

Introduction to Dialogflow CX

In this SpringML video, we demonstrate the features of Dialogflow CX along with when to use Dialogflow Essentials vs Dialogflow CX. Dialogflow Customer Experience (Dialogflow CX ) is recently launched from Google. It provides a new way for designing agents, taking a state machine approach to agent design. This gives you clear and explicit control over …

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Fraud Detection using Google Cloud

As Federal, State and Local government agencies manage huge case loads of claims for social services, fraud is on the rise. SpringML has a solution that can be quickly implemented with a few key data points to flag high probability / high propensity fraudulent claims.
Fraud Detection

Reporting COVID-19 to HHS

In this video, we share a demo on how healthcare providers and in particular labs, can leverage Google Cloud to quickly develop workflows for COVID-19 reporting to Health and Human Services (HHS).
Lab Reporting to HHS

Mandatory Reporting on Google Cloud

Mandatory reporting requires certain individuals to report known instances of child abuse and neglect to Health and Human Services. In this SpringML demo, we are going to walk through how to build a mandatory reporting portal on Google Cloud. This application is built using Google AppSheets and Google Cloud.

Mandatory Reporting Portal