Machine Learning: Current and Future (Chicago)

Recording for the event we held in Chicago. Manuel Amunategui, VP Datascience covered the following ML solutions:
Customer Support Chatbot
Intelligent Case Routing
Document Extraction Use-case
Identify Labels on Moving Conveyor Highlights
Generate Game Highlights
Handwriting Recognition
Real-Time Facial Recognition

SpringML offerings

Smarter Customer Service Powered By Artificial Intelligence

Webinar on cutting-edge customer service from expert panelists Doug Henschen, VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, Girish Reddy, CTO at SpringML, Google Cloud Platform Premier Partner with Machine Learning Specialization, and Stuart Appley, Managing Director, Global Workplace Solutions, at CBRE.

Enterprise Data Warehouse Migration to BigQuery

Traditionally large organizations have used on premise data warehousing systems like Teradata. Such systems require huge investments especially when faced with scalability challenges. In this video we walk you through how you can rapidly migrate to Bigquery using automated tools.

SpringML Label Detection App

Artificial Intelligence is transforming every industry. In manufacturing, machine learning is making a huge difference in automated quality control. Visual inspection and issue identification is an important aspect of quality control.

Google Cloud Partnership

Google and SpringML partner on machine learning and advanced data analytics using Google Cloud ML and TensorFlow.