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Company Overview

Ashfield, part of UDG Healthcare plc, is a global leader in commercialization services for the healthcare industry. Ashfield has five areas of expertise, over 7,000 employees and offices throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia. The ongoing success of Ashfield and its ever-growing reputation is proof that Ashfield truly delivers excellence for its clients.

Business Situation

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our world, bringing about many challenges. As a leader in the healthcare industry, Ashfield Healthcare had to address those challenges immediately and support their people, clients and community. They needed to be agile in their response and proactive in their efforts. In order to rise up to the challenge, Ashfield knew they needed to develop a system that would allow agents to track calls coming in regarding the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. They needed a rapid turnaround and action plan to meet their needs and expectations. Since they were already a Salesforce user, they looked to SpringML to provide set-up and develop the necessary enhancements to support the new client program for Moderna.


Ashfield partnered with SpringML to create a Service Console. The program utilized Service Cloud as opposed to other programs which were set up on Salesforce Health Cloud. SpringML configured Service Programs, Person Accounts, Cases, and a Knowledge base and integrated Five9 as the call center softphone technology. Agents are now able to track who calls in and use Moderna’s knowledge articles to help direct callers to the information they are looking for. This capability improved processing of the inbound call activity providing better insights and feedback to the clients in a timely manner.


SpringML was able to deliver the new enhancement Ashfield needed for their agents. The call center / service console has since been launched in 30+ countries and is successfully capturing the data Moderna requested, regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. The console build has empowered their agents to be more responsive, better equipped, and prepared to answer their callers. Ashfield recognizes the importance of these enhancements and is looking forward to being able to distinguish the incoming COVID-19 calls.

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