Automated B2B Sales Estimates for Computer/Mobile Company

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Leveraging existing Salesforce CRM Analytics licenses to automate, streamline and provide accurate B2B sales insights.

A multi-brand computer and mobile peripheral company that develops music, gaming, video, and computing products. The company has a long legacy of inventing new technology and optimizing engineering, solving for what’s next. They have a geographical market presence in America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

Business Situation

Streamlining the Sales Estimation Process

The leadership team of a global computer & mobile peripheral company needed a holistic view of B2B sales estimates. The sales team was using a cumbersome manual process to calculate the 13 weeks moving average, leading to either inaccurate run rate or invalid run rate forecasting. They also lacked a reporting mechanism for descriptive analysis of actual Run Rate vs actual Point-Of-Sale quantity.


Automated Data Pull for Intelligent Run Rate Quantification

SpringML automated the process to connect with and pull data from their data warehouse for “Actual POS data” in order to intelligently calculate Run Rate quantity. Additionally, the new system would create opportunities based on the business scenarios for eligible Run Rate Quantity. Lastly, SpringML built a custom Sales dashboard for comparative analysis of actual POS vs estimated quantity with Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly insights


Reducing Manual Effort to Increase Productivity

The company’s sales team no longer had to waste time analyzing actual POS data in excel sheets and creating opportunities manually. They can now focus on newly created opportunities and analyze B2B product quantity more productively (a reduction of approximately 10 man hours monthly of sales team manual effort). The client was able to use existing Salesforce CRM Analytics licenses, without incurring any additional license-related costs.

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