Building Enhancements with a move to Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud


Company Overview

LEMO is the acknowledged leader in the design and manufacture of precision custom connection and cable solutions. LEMO’s high quality Push-Pull connectors are found in a variety of challenging application environments including medical, industrial control, test and measurement, audio-video and telecommunications.

LEMO has been designing precision connectors for seven decades. Offering more than 75,000 combinations of products that continue to grow through custom specific designs. LEMO and its affiliated sister companies NORTHWIRE, which was acquired in 2014, REDEL, and COELVER currently serve more than 100,000 customers in over 80 countries around the world.

Business Situation

Northwire was looking to add functionality of Manufacturing Cloud to give their team greater visibility into their Sales Agreements. They also determined that they needed a highly custom Sales Cloud setup requiring a custom-built Opportunity Score model to help the sales team prioritize their efforts.


Northwire turned to SpringML to help scope the project to meet their requirements. The SpringML team assessed and suggested a two phase approach. Phase 1 was to include a Manufacturing Cloud implementation, a Competitor Dashboard in Tableau CRM and a custom Opportunity Scoring predictive model in Einstein Discovery.

Phase 1

Implement Manufacturing Cloud

  • Set up Manufacturing Cloud to enhance Sales Cloud
  • Imported Sales Order History
  • Set up Sales Agreements with Products, Orders and Contracts, to provide greater visibility into forecast, actuals and variances

Sales Analytics and Manufacturing Analytics App

  • Set up and customized Sales and Manufacturing Analytics templated apps
  • Competitor Dashboard

Implement Sales Cloud Einstein and Custom Opportunity Score

  • Sales Cloud Einstein (enabling Opportunity and Lead insights)
  • Custom Opportunity Scoring model in Einstein Discovery (focused on likelihood to reach Prototype, Quote and Production Order stages)


Northwire was pleased with the work the SpringML team delivered. Now, the Northwire teams have an increased view into historical Sales Orders and the Sales team have better visibility into their Sales Agreements (terms, forecast, actual, revenue and variances).

Future phases will build on this initial Manufacturing Cloud use case. This will include refining and building additional Opportunity Score models to address Northwire’s numerous Opportunity stages, additional analytics use cases, and deployment of Manufacturing Cloud to the rest of the organization. Northwire is looking forward to a valuable working relationship with SpringML to address future phases.

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