Building Global Pipeline Snapshot in Snowflake

Company Overview

The customer is a leading SaaS company built on an open-source stack and open standards for runtime threat detection response. Hundreds of companies rely on the customer for container and cloud security and visibility. They are driving the secure DevOps movement, empowering organizations to confidently secure containers, Kubernetes, and the cloud. With the help of the customer’s services, teams are able to secure the build, thus, making it possible to detect and respond to threats, monitor performance, and continuously validate to meet compliance requirements.

Business Challenge

The customer lacked full visibility into historical Opportunity and Opportunity Line Item data in Salesforce. As a result, the employees were unable to effectively analyze Salesforce Opportunity data trending over time. The customer needed help transforming and modeling data loaded into a modeled data zone in Snowflake. Assistance was also needed to create Opportunity and Opportunity Line Item snapshots.

Solution Highlights

SpringML, in collaboration with the customer’s team, was able to design and build the necessary data pipelines so that all snapshot Opportunity and Opportunity Line Item data would be available. SpringML also performed an end-to-end review of existing Snowflake architecture to find gaps and areas for improvement.


The customer now has weekly, monthly, and quarterly snapshot Opportunity and Opportunity Line Item Data that is available for use in analytical applications such as CRM Analytics. The customer’s data is now more secure in Snowflake and the Snowflake instance runs more efficiently, as a result of the solutions implemented. Detailed documentation was also a deliverable.

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