CRM Analytics consolidates tools for decision making for insurance/risk management firm

Company Overview

A specialty insurance company, the customer provides medical professional and general liability insurance coverage and risk management. The firm serves over 12,000 physicians and over 50,000 individual employees. The customer required a high-level evaluation of current systems and data architecture and associated analytics solutions and recommendations for future architecture and analytics approach.

Business Challenge

The organization needed analytics tools that they could roll out across the company cross-functionally, eliminating reliance on spreadsheets and powerpoint. Already as a Salesforce customer, the company decided to centralize enterprise reporting around CRM Analytics, but they lacked the skill sets to scale up or do a proof of concept and the ability to execute on recipe development, dashboards, etc. to get insights and operational metrics needed.

Solution Highlights

SpringML partnered with the internal team to work through the manual visualizations to replicate them in CRMA. SpringML understood the firm’s long-term goals as well as the previous approach, then brought ideas and delivered solutions, including architectural suggestions and best practices for scaling and centralizing the metrics. The solution involved customizing the dataflow and performing the other data preparation features in TCRM which is required to build the necessary datasets to support the dashboards. The solution also aids in performing the necessary calculations to construct elements of the AE Scorecard and creating a high-level solution documentation while supporting the transfer of knowledge.


The company’s leadership achieved their goal of having a consolidated, centralized dashboard, and then scaling it out to provide more end user ability, enabling them to leverage data to facilitate well-informed decision-making across the organization.

“We were looking to enhance and continue to grow our ability to serve our key stakeholders in our analytics journey.”

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