City of Las Vegas COVID-19 Patient Intake App

Helping pop-up COVID-19 treatment centers manage patient health status and bed assignments

City of Las Vegas

Situation Overview

The City of Las Vegas commissioned Google Cloud and SpringML to build a COVID-19 intake application designed to manage placement and information collection of homeless patients at pop-up virus treatment centers in Las Vegas parking lots.

City of Las Vegas

City of Las Vegas, Google Cloud, and SpringML worked as one team to deliver this solution to help the city contain COVID-19 exposure. The SpringML team brought in the right level of technical expertise and delivered at speed.

Al Pitts
Manager, Enterprise Data & Analytics, City of Las Vegas

Project Highlights

The app manages the new patient intake process, from the initial referral call, through medical screening, assignment of test results, and patient placement into beds and portable buildings. It also simplifies training and onboarding of volunteers, allowing them to follow an intuitive workflow through the intake process. The app is platform agnostic so that it can be deployed to laptops and tablets.

The app provides a high-level view of all patients along with their intake processing status, health status, and bed assignment.


The app streamlines intake screening, including the collection of basic information, medical questions, test results, demographic information, and client consent forms.

City of Las Vegas

App Features


The app helps track patient health status and then enables volunteers to quickly assign a bed based on that status and bed availability in each building. Volunteers can efficiently track patients as they are onboarded, moved, and discharged.

To ensure the protection of client information, the app provides secure access management for volunteers and staff members.

City of Las Vegas Volunteers
City of Las Vegas Client Intake

Automated daily reporting and real-time patient dashboards are provided to help visualize key metrics for patients as well as the intake process. This includes a summary of the new, total, and discharged patients broken down by gender, COVID status, and the intake processing time per patient.

Google Cloud, SpringML, and the City of Las Vegas built this solution and deployed into production in less than 7 days.

City of Las Vegas

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