Forbes Unlocking High-Value Content with AI/ML

Helping the Forbes editorial team mine content and write more compelling articles with AI and ML

Helping Writers at Scale

“The more effective our writers are at telling stories and connecting with their audiences, the more Forbes will succeed in the long term,” says Nina Gould, VP of Product at Forbes. “Especially given the industry trend toward digital subscriptions and payments, using readily available Google Cloud AI building blocks to increase the quality of our editorial is a big win.”

Company Profile

Forbes Media (Forbes) is a global media, branding, and technology company, with a focus on news and information about business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and affluent lifestyles. The Forbes brand reaches more than 120 million people worldwide through its popular magazine and ForbesLive events, with 40 licensed local editions in 70 countries.

Business Situation

Forbes recognizes the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and is putting them to work for its writing staff, using AutoML Natural Language and other Cloud AI building blocks to train custom ML models that learn from 100 years of Forbes editorial and current market conditions to provide suggestions on headlines, topics that are trending, and ways to make articles more compelling.

Forbes uses Natural Language APIs to enrich content, analyze content sentiment, and tailor recommendations for writers. It is also using the Vision API for a new project to help discover the impact of images on traffic and engagement.


Forbes is partnering with the Google News Initiative on a project to help match Forbes’s authors to trending news topics. With our specialization in machine learning, we developed a system that runs content from each author in its proprietary content management system, named Bertie after the magazine’s founder, through pre-trained ML models that perform entity extraction. This process helps Forbes learn more about its many writers, contributors, and branded content partners. Forbes will then match these insights to trending news topics and alert authors of content that is important to Forbes readers. Forbes and the Google News Initiative published a playbook outlining how other publishers can implement a similar system.

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