Improvised and provided builds data warehouse the fuel Enterprise business intelligence using Einstein Analytics


Company Profile

Imprivata is an IT security company based in Lexington, Massachusetts. Founded in 2002, Imprivata develops and sells the OneSign Platform for securing employee access to desktops, networks, and applications using a single sign-on.

In 2017, Imprivata had over 1,700 clients and several offices across America, Europe, and Australia. Imprivata customers are primarily from the healthcare industries.

Business Situation

Imprivata is seeking to expand its use and roll-out of Einstein analytics across a variety of departments and functional areas. In addition, they were in the process of retiring their old Salesforce org in implementing a new org. Due to the combination of in Oregon migration and the desire to expand the data available for Enterprise reporting, they sought to develop a data warehouse to capture data from a variety of systems including Salesforce, NetSuite, and their proprietary product usage data where data storage. This would serve as the Hub of their date of names for reporting as well as snapshotting and archiving.


SpringML designed a data strategy using in privadas AWS redshift environment coupled with a data integration tool called stream sets. Data pipelines were created between Salesforce Netsuite and they’re on-premises Oracle data warehouse to feed AWS and ultimately Einstein Analytics create data sets Brian Stein Alex dashboards.

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