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Shifting an on-premise data lake to Google Cloud


Company Profile

Kroger is the second-largest general retailer and the seventeenth largest company in the United States with 450,000 employees serving nearly nine million customers daily in 2,793 retail food stores under a variety of local banner names in 35 states. Kroger has been recognized as one of America’s most generous companies supporting 100 Feeding America food bank partners and 145,000 community organizations.

Business Situation

Kroger historically relied on an on-premise big data platform. They were looking for a scalable data lake that decoupled storage and processing to meet the evolving needs of their business and to keep pace with rapidly expanding data volumes and processing requirements.

Kroger needed a data lake solution that allowed internal business users, data analysts and data scientists to easily analyze data and extract insights. They wanted this platform to handle large quantities of data with enterprise class features including security and performance. As part of a larger engagement with Google Cloud, Kroger turned to SpringML to help migrate its current data lake and re-architect it for deployment in the cloud.

Google Cloud Implementation

In addition to migrating Kroger’s on-premise data lake and data marts to BigQuery, SpringML established architectural guidelines, best practices implementation recommendations and coding patterns to provide a prescriptive playbook for Kroger data scientists and engineers adopting BigQuery.


We helped Kroger set up a BigQuery Data Lake with scalability, reliability and repeatability. We established best practices for data ingestion and data modeling, providing a blueprint for setting up complex data lakes in the cloud.

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