State of Utah COVID-19 Contact Tracing App

Helping call center volunteers monitor citizens to slow the spread of COVID-19

State of Utah

Situation Overview

The State of Utah formed a surge capacity team for volunteers to support state and local health departments call citizens that may have been exposed to COVID-19. During active monitoring, volunteers gather information about other household members and their status (symptomatic, asymptomatic, or tested positive). Based on this information, call center teams can follow-up with citizens and offer support and help. Callers are working from home with a softphone. Team managers make call assignments each morning and dispatch their teams to make calls. The app had to be platform-agnostic and mobile-friendly.

As state and local governments manage surge events, and in many cases, their systems are getting crushed under the load. Rapid development and deployment teams are necessary to meet demand. We’ve adjusted our teams to respond to needs quickly to support these surge events with incredible turnaround time.

“The best thing about the app is it enables volunteers with very little training to produce reliable, mistake-proof contributions to this important cause. I am really proud of it and fully endorse SpringML. Came through big time.”

Jeff Mulitalo
Deputy Director and Chief Strategy Officer, State of Utah

Project Highlights

SpringML worked collaboratively around the clock over a single weekend to develop a functioning app in 60 hours. We did this by quickly establishing communication channels and right-sized dev and deployment processes using Slack and Asana across a global team in Utah, Texas, Indiana, India, and California. We rapidly produced walkthrough videos to help train users. We continue to iterate and deploy new features and fixes daily. We are currently supporting 120 callers and are accommodating up to 3,000 contacts per day with this application.

By building on Google Cloud we were able to turn this high functioning app serving volunteers and managers in just a weekend.

Utah Active Monitoring App Capabilities

  1. Team Management: Allows team managers to manage their call team’s availability.
  2. Team View: Allows team managers to assign calls and monitor status throughout the day.
  3. My Tasks: User view for callers to work through their list of calls to make.

Technologies Leveraged: G Suite, Appsheet, App Scripts, BigQuery, and Data Studio


Demo of the application

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