Sales Performance Reporting using Einstein Analytics


Company Profile

W. R. Grace is a Global Leader in Specialty Chemicals and Materials. Grace Catalysts Technologies and Grace Materials Technologies provide innovative products, technologies, and services that improve the products and processes of customers around the world.

Business Situation

Reports that were used heavily by Grace’s Management, Sales, and Operations teams within each division to analyze such things as Sales performance, forecasts, jeopardy accounts, and market share were eliminated when the reporting system was retired early 2018. Consumers were left to pull reports together manually or did without.


SpringML developed Role-based reporting dashboards in Einstein Analytics that were deployed globally. A high level of SAQL code was used in both dataflows and in the visualizations to replicate complex business logic needs. Additionally, SpringML applied complex Apex code to create objects and related data in the SalesForce Platform to support EA consumption.

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