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Cloud Architecture

Crafting infrastructure management for greater customer savings and satisfaction

Promotions, brand awareness, and seamless digital infrastructure on the Cloud or Hybrid Cloud are the building blocks for any retail company aiming to keep up and expand customer growth. An online furniture and home goods retailer is seeking help in migrating their current on-prem workloads to a hybrid Cloud reached out to Google Cloud and SpringML. Additionally, the retailer had the challenge of providing personalized customer features for deep discounts on popular products through their digital platform during COVID-19 to maintain and continue to grow their presence in the market.

Crafting infrastructure management for greater savings

Simplifying implementation to improve efficiency

Google Cloud tapped the extensive SpringML professional services capabilities as they required extra hands for creating airflow jobs to manage data pipeline, retraining Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG), refactoring code for production, optimizing data pipeline designs, guiding dockerize airflow jobs, and fixing bugs.

Additionally, SpringML aimed to optimize the clients website by building responsive, scalable, and robust capacities for peak promotional events. With our assistance, a standard library of operators is developed, while migrating the workloads from on-prem to the Cloud. We were able to manage their datasets and achieve a cohesive migration with low disruption to internal workflows and their customer buying habits.

Customizing resources for seamless integration

With the updated hybrid Cloud model, the online retail company could migrate and integrate an EVE ( Entity-Value-Extraction) ML pipeline from on-prem Vertica and Hadoop environments to Google Cloud seamlessly by accommodating large spikes in traffic during the events.

The implemented EVE text data, from various sources (supplier text, competitor product descriptions, parsed PDF text, customer reviews, etc.) extracted and identified data relationships within the documents with key-value pairs. For example, an invoice contains several fields which the new process can now identify known field names and values to pair them together. With SpringML’s guidance, professional, and technical support, the retailer could align workflows to facilitate the gaps and alleviate the connectivity in their data.

“Sending a quick note of appreciation for the work done in the [SpringML] team. The team was able to quickly start working on his tickets with little help. They have been very respectful of time and only reached out with questions after doing all the research and exploring different options which made things easy. There were a few times where they were able to help identify requirements that were missed in the assigned tickets.”

Online Retail Project Team Lead

Enabling flexible foundations to beat the competition

SpringML and Google Cloud collaboration assisted the online furniture and home goods retailer to securely complete the migration of the workloads to the Cloud while integrating the data from on-prem with ease. This migration success aided the retailer by developing best practices for data manipulation, reducing operational costs, and making them among the first to use Google Cloud’s C2 processors. The experts at SpringML created a future-ready and accessible cloud platform.

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