Enterprise 360 in Tableau CRM gives insight across organization

Company Overview

Amplitude is the number one product intelligence platform helping companies build better products. They power over 40,000 digital products in various countries around the globe. They help digital product and growth teams understand user behaviour, build engaging experiences, and grow their business.

Business Situation

Amplitude needed a holistic view of what was happening in their customer accounts, which activities were generating leads, which contacts were engaging and how, and how well their sales and marketing teams were coordinating efforts. In addition, Amplitude wanted improved insight into its sales operations and desired snapshots of Salesforce data to facilitate business operations analysis.


SpringML came in and helped Amplitude implement an Enterprise 360 solution in Tableau CRM that provided the necessary insight into their business by aggregating data across accounts to capture leads, contacts, campaigns, opportunities, and activities. In addition, the SpringML team set up integrations between Salesforce and Snowflake to support additional business analysis needs. We also provided Amplitude with data architecture recommendations to support their fledgling data engineering capabilities and an analytics roadmap to assist with their future planning.


The Enterprise 360 solution has helped the Amplitude sales and marketing teams engage with the right customers at the right time and improve sales operations by providing valuable insight into how customers were interacting with the company’s sales and marketing efforts. Additional sales operations reporting helped the company identify trends in conversion and close rates to drive sales performance across the organization.

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