Unlocking Value from SAP Data

In 7 weeks, Fossil achieved unified reporting across global users using Google Cloud


Integrating SAP IBP with Google Cloud to improve supply chain visibility

Fossil Group, Inc. a fashion designer and manufacturer, taps SpringML to establish best practices for the communication and data ingestion of their data from their SAP Integrated Business Planning(IBP) to Google Cloud. The enablement further supported the sharing and collaboration of the supply chain analytics visibility.


“[SpringML] Your expertise in Google Cloud, positive attitude towards work, willingness to work hard, share your knowledge, act promptly when assigned a task and communications to [customer] has helped us achieve this smoothly. The team has displayed a great level of professionalism on this project…[we] sincerely appreciate the determination and effort [SpringML] put in this work to complete the project.”


Closing the supply chain visibility gaps

Fossil needed to enact cloud-based supply chain analytics to generate reports on demand for statistical forecasting. They also wanted the intelligent platform to support future requirements of Big Data, Machine Learning, IoT, and other solutions. They are phasing out legacy applications required while adopting the new methodology for supply chain analytics.

Accelerated time to delivery to make informed decisions

SpringML worked with Fossil to enable the communication and methods selection of their SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) to Google Cloud. A process framework and approach was designed and implemented for batch processing of data while utilizing the IBP API. In addition to this, data integration workshops, managed testing cycles, and accelerated data validation were also conducted. The solution involved correlating the data and data storage in BigQuery.

30%+ Improvement in key supply chain KPIs

Fossil achieved reusability(>30%) across key figures, improved reporting globally, while saving considerable time versus manual processes. The experts at SpringML helped in the training of the team and empowered them with the necessary skills required to navigate through the migration process to Google Cloud.

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