Google Cloud CCAI deployment for a leading financial services customer

Delivering 24/7 support to customers in multiple languages with seamless transition from virtual to human agents

Virtual Agent

Building future-ready support for customer

A leading, global financial services enterprise conducted a proof of concept (POC), with SpringML and Google Cloud, enabling features where virtual agents can communicate naturally with customers and expertly transfer assists to human agents on complex cases. The project facilitated the integration capability of Dialogflow CX and the customer’s IVR to ease the interaction for their Spanish-speaking customers for answering the most frequently asked questions.

Optimized workflow for seamless dialogue and location recognition

The customer’s geographical location required a multi-language virtual agent that could converse naturally in English and Spanish, so optimizing workflows to provide customer locations and store locations was critical to mitigate their challenges of slow understanding, time, and human agent knowledge.

Unifying technologies to improve support

Upon evaluating the use cases and expertise in products and services, like Google Maps, Dialogflow, and Google Translates, SpringML and Google Cloud provided the enterprise with the confidence they needed to address their challenges and meet the growing needs of multiple technology integrations.

DolEx -Diagram-Customer Story

The proof of concept integrated multiple technologies from Google Cloud, Twilio Studio, and Fuze to seamlessly facilitate the virtual agent to human agent transition in numerous languages with accuracy, minimal errors, and quicker responses to questions.

Additionally, the project implemented real-time Data Studio dashboards for business intelligence and analytics to help understand the quality of calls and the performance of human agents.

Rising above the competition to provide exceptional customer support

Beyond the immediate need to implement a virtual agent, the POC has generated insights into customer and virtual agents’ interactions to improve customer satisfaction further using real-time reporting and the Data Studio dashboard. The financial service enterprise intends to use the analytics to engage with their customer seamlessly.

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