Improving Customer data performance with Service Cloud Einstein

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Company Overview

As a leading provider of groundbreaking medical technology that provides circulatory and oxygenation support, Abiomed is recovering hearts and saving lives.

Business Situation

Abiomed’s patient tracking within Salesforce was designed and built with legacy code, making it extremely challenging, if not impossible, to accurately track patient data. Slow performance and continuous production errors were constant bottlenecks for their business. In parallel, Abiomed was launching the Breethe OXY-1 System and needed to incorporate this data within their existing patient flows.


SpringML performed a Case Flow technical analysis within Abiomed’s Salesforce instance and outlined key recommendations. The project was designed and developed with the implementation of Service Cloud Einstein and a progressive buildout of multiple Einstein Discovery predictive models.


SpringML and Abiomed successfully completed a Flow Optimization implementation that improved how patient data was captured and stored, and also improved the performance time of the system. Additionally, SpringML captured all data requirements for the Breethe OXY-1 System and successfully integrated this new system within the optimized patient flows.

Based on the success and improved performance of the system with just these two initiatives, Abiomed continues to partner with SpringML on a Phase II Flow Enhancements project and relies on their services for overall maintenance and support of their complex Salesforce system.

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