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Improving reporting and dashboard capabilities

world view

Company Overview

World View is a stratospheric ballooning company with remote sensing and space tourism businesses. The company’s goal is to increase access to the stratosphere for scientific, commercial, and economic purposes. As a part of that goal, World View is focused on sending everyday citizens into outer space for a “trip-of-a-lifetime” 360 view of the world.

Business Situation

World View initially came to SpringML after purchasing Salesforce Sales Cloud with a close deadline. The customer required ticketing functionality to track reservations worldwide and a portal for ambassadors. The reservations offered by World View for space exploration flights originate from seven locations around the world.


SpringML successfully implemented both Sales Cloud and Experience Cloud capabilities in time to hit the Go Live date for production. The experts at SpringML built a portal for World View Ambassadors and created a ticketing generation system with order notification functionality for spaceport participants. Additionally, SpringML also designed and built a complete reporting and dashboard system.


The ambassador portal, ticketing, notification system, and Salesforce-native reporting and dashboard capabilities help the World View team keep track of what is happening with ambassadors and spaceport participants in real-time. SpringML has continued to assist World View in many projects.

world view

The World View team has stated that “SpringML was chosen to help us understand and utilize Salesforce to its full capacity and meet our harrowing deadline.”

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