Improving Sysdig’s TAM process with a Customer Hub dashboard using CRM Analytics


Company Overview

Sysdig is a SaaS platform, built on an open-source stack that includes Falco and Sysdig OSS, the open standards for runtime threat detection and response. Hundreds of companies rely on Sysdig for container and cloud security and visibility. They are driving the secure DevOps movement, empowering organizations to confidently secure containers, Kubernetes and cloud. With Sysdig, teams secure the build, detect and respond to threats, continuously validate cloud posture and compliance, and monitor performance.

Business Situation

Sysdig Technical Account Managers (TAMs) used spreadsheets and legacy systems to keep track of metrics to support their key accounts. They continuously faced business challenges with their account management process being inefficient, outdated, and with difficulties locating customer data on support cases, upcoming renewal agreements, attritions, red accounts, and account 360 visibility. These issues made it difficult to prioritize their daily work supporting these accounts, preventing them from becoming more proactive with their account management activities, instead of reactive.


SpringML came in and assessed Sysdig’s challenges and implemented a Customer Success Hub utilizing CRM Analytics. This solution showcased key account metrics to give a 360 view on each account with up-to-date information on red and at risk to churn customers, up-to-date customer scores, upcoming renewals, support cases, and changes in ARR allowing TAMs to proactively prioritize their daily work.


Sysdig has now improved their TAM process with a Customer Hub dashboard using Tableau CRM. They have the ability to provide up-to-date customer metrics to proactively prioritize TAM daily work on supporting customers and track red and at risk accounts, support high priority cases, upcoming changes in renewals, and monitor daily customer scores. Ultimately, Sysdig Managers and Executives have a better understanding and visibility into their accounts and current state for each customer.

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