Improving workflows with data-driven implementation


Company Overview

Thrio is a one-stop AI-powered complete CCaaS platform (contact center platform) transforming the agent and customer experience. Thrio Digital, Thrio Voice, and Thrio AI enables enterprises to lower costs, be more agile, and get to market faster. Agents are empowered to improve CX with Thrio’s AI-driven Situation Routing, journey management, and agent gamification. Organizations moving to or expanding cloud deployments can leverage Thrio’s secure, scalable, and reliable software as a complete solution or as an overlay on existing environments.

Business Situation

Thrio, being a CCAS platform, and experiencing growth in their industry, realized they needed to drive improved efficiencies with automation in their call center platform. Although they met their day-to-day requirements, they lacked a CRM tool that could give them a 360-degree view of who they were selling to.

The company is very data-driven so improving their platform activities was going to help streamline their efforts. What Thrio needed was for their business to talk to the Salesforce platform to better track, organize and close business and achieve their business vision.
So, they turned to SpringML to remedy and implement a system that would meet their immediate and future needs.


The SpringML team came in and did a Sales cloud implementation which included the creation of necessary forms for enhanced SOW capabilities.The team created two forms for Thrio, one was a customer suitability form. The other was an SOW Request Form, which was the biggest piece of the project.

The SpringML team is always looking to keep on top of new Salesforce technologies and implement them for the benefit of our customers so for Thrio, they utilized Dynamic forms, new to Salesforce, which allowed the SpringML developers to use visibility rules to show and hide fields for particular sections. This eliminated the use of record types or multiple page layout to achieve the desired results. By using a standardized SOW Request Form, Thrio is now able to gather the information they need to quickly create an SOW, a process that they previously did manually and with a lot of back and forth communication to determine the SOW details. Building these functional forms to help with their opportunities was key to Thrio’s success.


Thrio was able to successfully deploy and utilize the new forms SpringML built for the call center teams. The Sales Cloud implementation has eliminated the back and forth communications and tedious manual work on previous SOWs.

Looking ahead, Thrio is excited for more efficient visibility into their sales activities. As they testified, “ It was a pleasure to work with SpringML. We have added some very valuable workflows to our SFDC implementation. Great experience!”

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