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Building smart investor-broker portal using Salesforce Experience Cloud

Cobalt Capital is an investment administration firm that partners with quality sponsors to provide an inception-to-closing private placement platform. As a registered broker-dealer, Cobalt Capital has cultivated meaningful partnerships with sponsors, other broker/dealers, RIAs, and Family Offices by providing comprehensive back-office support services. Cobalt Capital is also a member of FINRA and SIPC.

Manage and access investment data

Cobalt is using Salesforce to manage a new investment offering and was in need of a Broker-dealer investor portal to manage and allow access to investment account information to investors, registered reps, and brokers.

The broker/investor portal needed to support 3 user personas needs:

  • Investors needed access via a browser to up-to-date investment account balances, tax statements, and shared offering documentation
  • Registered reps needed a 360 health visibility into their portfolio investor accounts for the health-check and upsell business opportunities
  • And brokers needed a high-level view of their region’s financial performance

Managing investment accounts with Salesforce Experience Cloud

SpringML partnered with Cobalt to create a multi-user Broker-Investor portal to support the 3 user personas and their respective business needs. The broker investor portal uses Salesforce Experience Cloud to give easy and right level of access, automation flows to automate business processes, and Salesforce objects to manage investment accounts.

Smart collaboration portal for investors and business partners

With the Cobalt Broker-Investor portal, Cobalt has streamlined the process of collaboration with its business partners and investors. The portal serves hundreds of Investors and registered reps and enables them to access up-to-date investment account information.

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