Salesforce Data Integration using Mulesoft

A leading health services and innovation company uses Mulesoft to manage and integrate data in a complex Salesforce environment.

leading health services and innovation company

Company Profile

The leading health information technology and services firm provide technological, operational and consulting solutions and services to individuals, healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical companies as well as the federal and state governments.

The company serves more than 85 million individuals worldwide with a total workforce of more than 160,000 people

Business Situation

The office of this health information technology and services firm is responsible for supporting all the technology needs. It acts as a guide to the Healthcare Group. It operates in an ever-changing dynamic and complex environment that involves dozens of Salesforce Orgs that are continually changing due to investment and divestiture.

In order to gain a unified view of the business operations across a variety of divisions, it is required to integrate data across a range of Salesforce environments.


SpringML worked with this client to architect and managed all of the production operations of their Mulesoft solution. We worked with them across dozens of Salesforce Orgs to help drive master data management, and integration operations, and develop the new Enterprise service bus.

Analytics could be built on a foundation of clean data that was sourced correctly across a variety of units. Einstein analytics was implemented on top of the state of the model to create proper visualizations of key performance indicators.

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