A Leading Independent Energy Company Asset Performance Analytics using Salesforce Einstein

An American global independent energy company using Einstein Analytics to monitor asset performance.

leading independent energy company

Company Profile

The leading independent energy company engaged in the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas. It is headquartered in New York City, placed #394 in the 2016 list of Fortune 500 corporations.

Business Situation

The company support teams and category management teams were siloed in its KPI management strategies. They had a high amount of administrative overhead in managing /reporting on KPIs on a weekly/monthly basis. All of the teams relied heavily on various sources, Spotfire, Excel, email, and even word of mouth, to collect the necessary data points to build out each KPI visual along with the static dashboards of those KPI visuals. For Asset Management meetings, these were ultimately used in the print-out form on meeting room walls or electronic presentation dashboards. Identifying hotspots was a manual process, as well. Much of the meetings were spent on trying to interpret the KPI finding on static visuals, instead of discussing & resolving the root cause of the issue and the next steps.


Our solution involved assessing the process of collecting every measurement, including the source, and creating a systematic way to integrate the data into EA and then serving up the KPIs automatically via embedded dashboards in the platform. Targets were automatically and dynamically displayed as well, immediately establishing out of band /hot spot issues. The solution significantly reduced admin overhead and, in turn, allowed the management team to focus on resolving the next steps required to resolve an issue versus trying to understand the root cause of a problem. The solution was also designed to align with the company’s lean philosophy.

Besides, embedded Supplier Risk Management dashboards were deployed using Communities Cloud for key suppliers, establishing a sustainable, lower maintenance oversight mechanism for Category Managers and their suppliers to report KPIs and identify corrective actions for mutual benefits.

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