Optimization with Einstein in Salesforce Service Cloud to drive simplicity and speed


Company Overview

OneSource Virtual, a Professional Services firm, was founded in 2008 as the pioneer of Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) outsourcing. OSV implements and manages customers on Workday’s HR and Finance platform to help customers meet their evolving HR and Finance needs.

Business Situation

Workday customers had been challenged with triage time and case assignments. So, OneSource Virtual came in to evaluate the pain points they were faced with and determine areas they felt were successful. Workday needed to automate and streamline business operations and customer capabilities. Initially, Workday felt that a live person needed to be involved in moving the cases along the process, however, reducing triage time and case assignment to the right person was a very important metric for them. They wanted to balance workload across the teams, especially given that they had three sites of remote workers and needed to manage it effectively.

OneSource Virtual had evaluated the situation and determined that they could leverage Einstein with Service in the Cloud. They determined that they needed to remove the low value inefficiencies to make Workday’s workforce more productive and value-added. Already a user of Salesforce software, they turned to SpringML to build out a more intelligent experience for their customer. They wanted a more efficient case handling process, to evaluate the inputs, and put the workload in the right places. This meant they needed the case to go to the right person, at the right time, with the right skill set, and with the right expectations for the consultant to do the work.


OneSource Virtual and SpringML outlined three project phases:

  1. Ensure the work was going to the right person with right expectations
  2. Understand the backlog of cases, case questions, and staffing needs
  3. Work with customers to be more strategic in terms of types of requests and fulfillment

To meet OSVs objectives in Phase One, the SpringML team began a build out of multiple Einstein Discovery predictive models across a series of identified use cases, driving customized Intelligent User Experiences for the Workday employees. They needed to triage and automate the Workday process and eliminate the decision making process of the team lead. SpringML developed a solution that would apply logic to automatically assess the project to a team member which gave team leads better insight on what was going on with their teams in terms of reporting. They also added analytics of an improved dashboard to streamline reporting to see types of cases, what the consultants had, and hours.

SpringML scoped out the work, outlined and designed the deliverables to satisfy OSV needs. Our unique offering provided an array of configuration and implementation services such as the Design and Development, Dashboard Development, UAT, Training and Roll-out.


SpringML’s dedicated team of expert’s build has helped eliminate human processes and improved reporting. The Workday teams can now benefit by experiencing an increase in customer satisfaction, increased renewals, and reduced case volume and handling times.

OneSource Virtual advice to any company looking to make these improvements is to understand your requirements and stay true to those principles. Their advice is not to complicate the process, keep it simple, and always remember there will always be follow on work to tackle. OSV was committed to making the project a success with SpringML to build and deploy the initiative. They looked for a great team collectively to get the job done and saw SpringML as the right partner.

Looking ahead, OSV will be looking to SpringML on next phase improvements of forecasting and projection of customer needs. They will also look to evaluate the strategic element with Workday customers. For now, OSV is celebrating the success of achieving Phase One. They look to SpringML as the technology experts they knew could build what they needed and they look forward to a continued partnership in future phases.


“We appreciate the incredible focus and results the SpringML team delivered on our project. They went above and beyond to meet our key objectives getting started with Einstein on Service Cloud. We have successfully rolled out a complex case assignment process based on predictive employee capacity which has also allowed us to better understand and forecast utilization, revenue, and renewal opportunities for our Application Management Services team. Thank you!”

Michael Roseman
SVP, Service Delivery for OneSource Virtual,

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