State and Local Governments

Rapidly deploying optimized AI solutions for Unemployment Insurance claims processing

State and Local Governments

Providing a better experience for your constituents

During the pandemic, there was a rapid increase in the number of Unemployment Insurance claims that had to be processed by State & Local Governments. SpringML collaborated with S&L agencies to optimize the entire Unemployment Insurance Claim and the Adjudication process with the help of Google Cloud products and tools.

State and Local Governments: Customer Story Diagram

Automating data capture at scale

State & Local agencies receive several requests, forms, and documents from claimants that needs to be verified and added to workflows. These agency teams must manually process the documents by entering the content into the claims system for the adjudication process, which is time-consuming, slow, and prone to human errors.

“Google technology allowed the State & Local Government, which had struggled for months, to clear 103,000 claims in one week”.

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State Agency

Integrating various technologies along with Google Cloud seamlessly

Looking to streamline and optimize, the State and Local Government identified a set of enhancements that leveraged Google Cloud technology to automate various workflows. SpringML provided the expertise and design capabilities to bring together the integration and interface of Google Cloud Document AI, Google Cloud Storage, Cloud Functions, and BigQuery to execute the project’s vision to resolve the challenges. SpringML created a dynamic, real-time, and automated dashboard that provides an overview of the status of all applications. Additionally, the integration of BigQuery enabled validation, completions, and rejections of documents in the dashboard. The overview dashboard enabled and helped users, operators, and administrators in the team to take appropriate actions easily and quickly.

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Deploying the future-ready solution for rapid & easy processing

SpringML’s technical expertise in Google Cloud’s innovative technology in AI and analytics capabilities enacted the vision of the State and Local Government quickly, with lowering the cost and reducing human errors. The overview dashboard provides a human-in-the-loop scenario for validating and extracting information for correction.

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