Sales and Service Cloud Implementation for Bear Robotics

Bear Robotics

Company Overview

Bear Robotics is a robotics and artificial intelligence company that was started in 2017 to address the increased pressure faced by the food service industry around wages, labor supply, and cost efficiencies. Their robots are designed to work alongside humans to help address these challenges while simultaneously elevating the customer experience. They help people provide outstanding customer service in the hospitality industry by automating repetitive tasks.

Business Situation

Bear Robotics was looking to advance their Salesforce instance functionality. With such a revolutionary service and hospitality concept they were growing rapidly. With a lot on their plate, they were looking for a trustworthy and knowledgeable partner to help with the implementation of Sales and Service Cloud so they could have time to focus on other aspects of the business.


SpringML came in and was able to help build an effective Sales Cloud environment by creating a lead to opportunity, custom fields including reports, dashboards and Inbox setup by focusing on business processes that will lay the foundation for their next step in their technology roadmap. Additionally, SpringML was also able to coincide the efforts with their Service Cloud implementation that created deployment cases and other cases such as robot deployment, robot removal, customer support, feedback, robot repair and robot testing. This vision will allow their sales and services teams to have a 360 view of not only their employees but their customers as well to provide a great experience of the Bear Robotics revolutionary concept.


With SpringML’s assistance, they were able to double their service team effectively in addition to finding customer advocates to help spread the word of the evolution of what Bear Robotics provides. The client gave SpringML 5 stars on their customer review mentioning what an overall wonderful experience it was from all parties involved on the project.

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