Salesforce Tableau CRM helps UHC Dental analyze and track changes in their Contracted Provider Network

Company Overview

UnitedHealth Group Incorporated is an American for-profit managed health care company based in Minnetonka, Minnesota. It offers health care products and insurance services. In 2019, it was the second-largest healthcare company by revenue with $242.2 billion, and the largest insurance company by Net Premiums. UnitedHealthcare revenues comprise 80% of the Group’s overall revenue.

Business Situation

UHC Dental wanted to begin an initiative to replace several manual external data processes and reporting solutions for Provider and Network analysis, using Tableau CRM dashboards in Salesforce.


SpringML’s expertise was a natural fit to provide UHC Dental application and platform services related to Tableau CRM.

SpringML worked with the customer to perform discovery and design services in order to define the strategic use of Tableau CRM and scoped what was required to develop, test, train and rollout Tableau CRM. It was determined the project was to roll out Tableau CRM in multiple phases.

The first phase delivered a pilot dashboard using Tableau CRM, focusing on the analysis of their Contracted Provider Network. The Pilot delivered one user story in the form of a dashboard embedded into a Lightning Page. SpringML’s service included design and planning for all future phases.

SpringML has already begun Phase Two which will be focused on analysis of Provider Terminations potential. They will look at adding functionality to address: Counts of current active Access Points, Providers, and Locations Trends for these three key metrics, showing daily changes in active counts for each. This project also included necessary dataflow and snapshot processes in order to support trending analysis of Network size over time. Geographical views included a national map of all states, and a state-level map showing totals by county. State-level analysis was then  broken down by Zip, County and Specialty vs County Analysis of totals by Specialty, Cred Type, Network Code, MSA and Healthplan. Advanced functionality was also added to give UHC Dental the ability to quickly toggle between counts by Access Points, Providers, or Locations across all charts.


UHC Dental was able to roll out this solution to their leadership and Network Advancement team, replacing previous manual reporting and external snapshotting processes. By gaining better insight into their Provider Network data with Tableau CRM, it has become clear that their new processes and dashboards have enabled them to continue providing dynamic, insightful, and actional analytics to their Network Advancement team. The improvements and flexibility of this Tableau CRM foundation laid the groundwork for future improvements. The next phase will focus on expanding their footprint, including focuses on Whitespace opportunities, Terminations Analysis, and Provider Data Quality analysis.

UHC Dental is looking ahead and open to more efficient processes they can gain with Tableau CRM and the support, expertise and development they have received from SpringML.

“This group knows their stuff. We worry sometimes about the investment of our time to onboard new vendors to get them familiar with our highly customized org…but they got us and our objectives extremely fast and were providing value almost instantly!”

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