Software Provider for Energy Industry: Subscription Analytics using Salesforce CPQ

A leading software provider for the energy industry leverages Einstein analytics for advanced subscription analytics built on top of Salesforce CPQ

petroleum-industry-data-software-leader or software-provider-for-energy-industry

Company Profile

A leading Petroleum Industry Data Software Leader trusted by energy professionals to deliver premium oil and gas data and innovative software. It provides comprehensive, relevant solutions to the oil and gas industry, governments and regulators, banks, educational institutions, and others. The company was founded to develop a computer system to manage useful interpretive data and make prospecting easier.

Business Situation

Our customer was in the process of rolling out a new CRM implementation on Salesforce. In the rollout, it also implemented Salesforce CPAQ to manage the quote-to-cash process better. It has a complex structure of license data products and sought to automate the tracking of changes in ACV based on product expansion, turn, new customers, and changes in seat counts. To accurately forecast their CV and proactively identify customers at risk of churn, they sought to use Einstein Analytics to streamline their reporting and forecasting process.


SpringML worked with the customer to develop sophisticated data flows to capture the Nuance detail of all changes to a CB by looking at CPQ quote line details and changes over time. The solution which is built on Salesforce Einstein Analytics gives all the necessary detail to manage customers licenses, subscriptions, and fine grain of more information. It helped create transparency and dynamic analytics to understand all of the factors which are driving a CD up or down for the customer. The process also creates a history file which sets the table for financial forecasting.

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