State of Hawaii Safe Travels Program

Safely reopening to tourism with the Safe Travels program


Company Overview

To safely reopen to tourism, the State of Hawaii worked with Google Cloud and SpringML to build the Safe Travels program, allowing it to collect and track travel and health information for all visitors.

Business Situation

The State of Hawaii needed a scalable digital solution that could be deployed across its systems to track traveler data in real time, without the time and expense of one-on-one human interactions. The COVID-19 pandemic put a sudden stop to tourism in the State of Hawaii, which had an immediate impact on revenues within the local economy. So when restrictions began to ease, the state was eager to reopen its economy and welcome visitors again, with safety for everyone top of mind.

Project Highlights

In only six weeks, built and launched the website in order to safely reopen the state’s economy
Since its launch on August 11, 2020, more than 2.6 million travelers have used the Safe Travels program to date, more than 2.4 million quarantine-exemption requests have been processed through the online system.


“We normally have 30,000 visitors per day coming through our airports. At the beginning of COVID, the small number of travelers we did have was easy to handle. But once you start heading back up to 30,000 per day, you need technology that can scale up easily and continue to be fast. The system now routinely handles 25,000 or more per day.”

Doug Murdock
CIO, Office of Enterprise Technology Services, State of Hawaii,

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