CRM Analytics Dashboards, Automated Tasks/Alerts and Predictive Models offer improved data insight


Company Overview

Snagajob is a job search portal intended to personally match a job seeker to the right hourly job. The company’s portal is an end-to-end platform of talent and workforce management, which offers a fast and easy way to search for jobs. Additionally, Snagajob provides recruiting services, training, scheduling, software-related products, and performance management to employers.

Business Situation

Snagajob offers a range of benefits and services to serve job seekers and potential employers. The organization relies on real-time data and analytics to facilitate effective decision-making. They had multiple systems to navigate to for potential insights and wanted to work primarily out of the Salesforce environment, ultimately streamlining their source of truth for readily updated data analysis.


SpringML implemented a variety of CRM Analytics dashboards, including a client-specific view, leadership view, and a view for a specific sales rep’s book of clients. The dashboards help the business identify insights, opportunities to improve operations, and enable the organization to sustain success long term after our engagement. Additionally, the SpringML team implemented a multivariate predictive model using Einstein Discovery to empower the account executives to better assist their clients with pricing campaigns.


Through the dashboards developed in consultation with Snagajob staff, the organization has enhanced insights around profitability, budget coordination, client health and high priority tasks/alerts. The organization is also equipped with a predictive model to assist with optimizing a price for segmented campaigns. This ultimately gives an interval for account executives to confidently price their campaigns without guessing anymore. These deliverables set the stage for future development, predictive modeling, and next best actions.

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