Omni Channel integration using Google Cloud

Learn how SpringML partnered with Tailored Brands to synchronize order management backend systems


E-Commerce Order fulfillment at scale

Tailored Brands, a major retailer for men’s apparel, wanted to provide an enhanced shopping experience with compelling products and world-class service while effectively managing the inventory. In order to accomplish this vision it required a tight data integration between all the e-commerce applications and a realtime data synchronization.

SpringML Team helped us Implement Google Dataflow


“SpringML Team helped us Implement Google Dataflow Integration framework to establish seamless integration with our ecommerce, Order Management and Merchandising systems to handle millions of messages in almost near Realtime. From Architecture, design and implementation phase you guys did an amazing job in executing the project and providing post live support. Thanks for everything!”

Rajesh Gajula
Director, DevOps & Infrastructure Engineering

Realtime inventory management to fulfill online orders

Having multiple physical stores and fulfillment centers across the US and Canada, Tailored Brands had difficulty in updating their on-premise order management system. The biggest challenges faced by the clients were the inefficient distribution of inventory, the absence of the unified view of the total stock across stores, and the near real-time sales orders from the fulfillment centers.

Unify backend systems and online orders to manage inventory

SpringML assessed all the backend components. The experts at SpringML collected the information using dataflow pipelines while transitioning the existing order management system to a cloud-based product. The solution includes the creation of 29 Dataflow Pipelines, of which 28 were streaming pipelines, and 1 was a batch pipeline. These pipelines synced the data across the backend systems at various intervals. The solution helped in the integration of the data of the online orders and inventory needs with the existing systems.

Real-time data to rapidly deliver and manage inventory

Real-time data communication between retail stores and fulfillment centers allowed the customer to fulfill orders quickly and manage the inventory with ease. The interactions between various systems using GCP catered to the business need of having a unified view of all the orders.

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