Leading Transportation Company Automates Workflows with Document Processing

transportation and logistics services

Company Profile

Leading Fortune 500 Logistics and Transportation services company, providing truckload, intermodal and logistics services.

Business Situation

The company receives hundreds of documents such as requests for quote or shipment orders. These forms do not have a consistent layout and each may have a different format. Before working with SpringML these forms were manually triaged and entered into backend systems. This manual process was error-prone and introduced delays. They identified a need for efficiency and accuracy using automated data extraction from these documents.

Google Cloud Implementation

SpringML was asked to create a machine learning algorithm that could identify the source and destination addresses from emails, PDFs, and Tiff attachments. Various Google Cloud products such as Dialogflow and Machine Learning API’s were used to build the solution. SpringML took a phased approach to prototype Google Cloud Machine Learning capabilities for email body extraction and PDF document extraction.

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