Helping educational institutions achieve data-driven digital transformation to promote student success, a safe post-pandemic return to campus and efficient workflows



Safe Campus Reopening

SpringML’s Digital Immunization Credentials solution helps streamline the process for colleges and universities to safely reopen campus to students, faculty and visitors. Ensure a safe return to athletic events and large gatherings on campus with this easy to use app that verifies immunization documentation and/or tracks symptoms.


Student Success Platform

An all-encompassing 360 degree platform to help support student retention and success in every aspect of their higher education experience.


Student/Faculty 360 Portal

A one-stop platform for university stakeholders to manage all of their needs and requirements, including modules for classes, advising, portfolios, tenure track management and more. Students, faculty and administration are granted varying levels of access based on eligibility and role within the university.


Improper Payments

As government agencies manage huge numbers of social services claims, concerns around fraud increase as well. Our improper payments and fraud detection solutions can be built quickly and with minimal disruption to data sources to create fraud scores.


Translation, Transcription, Doc AI

Offer remote learning opportunities to students around the world using our translation and services. Build a course in English and then translate/deliver the course in any of the GCP-supported languages.


CCAI & Chatbot

Implement chat bots and other CCAI tools to help answer routine or frequently asked questions.
SpringML’s expertise in complex NLP design provides users with human-like seamless interactions. Our ADA Compliant virtual agents with multilingual support helps bridge the communication gap between students and the university, efficiently resolving FAQs and queries of students from every corner of the world

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