SpringML: What is your current position at SpringML?

Abhishek: I am a Senior Web Designer at SpringML. My primary responsibilities include designing, branding, and managing social media. I make creative infographics and visuals for the website, email campaigns, and social media to convey a story that captures the minds of the audience. This tends to help us reach and attract the target audience by carrying the right message.

SpringML: What’s the first thing you do when you come into work and last to wrap up the workday?

Abhishek: I tend to start my day by checking my emails and sorting the tasks as per my priorities, thus, creating a to-do list for my day. I wrap up the day by putting significant points on the task list that I need to follow up the next day on a priority basis.

SpringML: Before joining SpringML, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

Abhishek: I had a great experience at my past company, where I was working end to end on creating e-learning courses for the clients. My work varied from bringing in clients to delivering well-designed e-learning courses as per their requirements.

SpringML: If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor?

Abhishek: Steve Jobs is one of my mentors. His idea of making the product clean and straightforward is praiseworthy. His concept of design is not about just the visual aspect but rather how it works, feels, and connects to the user.

SpringML: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Abhishek: My father once said: When we see our life from our point of view, it looks very unfulfilled. It is human nature that one can never get satisfied. Gratitude is something that not everyone has! However, It’s better we realize and be grateful for what we have today and enjoy the most of it.

What are 3 words to describe SpringML?

Abhishek: Technological, ingenious, reliable.

SpringML: Best vacation you’ve been to?

Abhishek: I had traveled to Rajasthan when I was a kid. At that age, I was inspired and was amazed to see the architectural layout and designs of the forts, which were built years back. The museum displayed the clothes worn by the people at that time and being a kid I used to compare my clothes with those heavy clothes and used to think how could they wear such heavy clothes in this heat! Weapons of those ages were one of the essential things that used to take away my interest.

What’s the most recent app you’ve downloaded but are yet to use?

Abhishek: A Soft Murmur: It is an application that has nature sounds captured in it, and a person can play a mixture of those sounds to feel relaxed or occupied while at work with a lot of noise around.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

Abhishek: I like to experience new places around me and like to be adventurous at times as well. Travelling and photography are some of the things I love doing while I am not working. While in the city, I like to go around and explore untraveled roads and places which has a lot of greenery around. It makes me feel fresh, think deep, and I feel connected to nature.

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How do you find a work/life balance?

Abhishek: In the 20th century, where life is running, traffic is on a peak, and there is a hike in prices every day, it is tough to achieve work-life balance. I prioritize my tasks on a daily,  which makes me finish the work ahead of time. This makes me complete my personal commitments, as well. Must not forget to mention, technology has a significant part in reminding me of things.