Bridge the Infrastructure Gap with Artificial Intelligence

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  • Nov 07 2022
    1:00 - 1:30 pm EST
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Bridge the Infrastructure Gap with Artificial Intelligence

Public infrastructure connects communities and supply chains, creating networks that support the daily business of governments and constituents. The bipartisan infrastructure bill signed into law last year allocates billions of dollars for infrastructure projects, with a specific focus on making infrastructure more resilient and more equitable.

State and local governments can use modern tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure their infrastructure plans are optimized. By utilizing AI, governments can proactively manage public works to recognize and fix problems before they occur. AI-powered computing can also help organizations improve infrastructure safety measures by creating more accurate risk analysis models.

Watch this on-demand webinar on how governments can use AI applications and algorithms to turn data into valuable insights. You’ll also learn:

  • How AI can be used to identify and measure financial, operational, and technological risks involved in an infrastructure project
  • How AI can power intelligent document processing to help organizations derive actionable insights from unstructured data
  • How machine learning tools provide flexibility and scalability

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Eric Clark

Eric Clark

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Peter Fisher

Public Sector Partner Engineer, Google Doc AI Specialist, Google Cloud
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William (Bill) Rials

Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government

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