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  • Feb 23 2021
    1:00 - 2:00 pm EST
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Lack of automation, high compute costs and manual data curation, harmonization and standardization are just a few of the many challenges facing researchers today. The Google Cloud Platform gives you the flexibility to build a scalable research platform to help your institution overcome these barriers in order to access data and run models from anywhere, and use (or not use) compute power for complex analysis.

Join Google and SpringML for a one hour webinar on Tuesday, February 23 at 1pm ET to learn about how we help researchers achieve digital transformation and innovation, resulting in reduced costs and expedited daily task management.

We’ll cover these critical topics:

  • How using a central platform for all your data can help automate the data harmonization process.
  • How to share tools, data, and research findings with your group, collaborators, or the broader research community
  • How to use the data combined from various sources to complete several tasks easily and efficiently
  • How we build the research platform and connect the data, integration, analytics, and machine learning into one homogeneous system

With Google Cloud’s suite of services offered, this platform is not a pipe dream, but in fact can be designed and developed rapidly in just a few weeks. Register now to learn more about how to leverage this practical solution to accelerate your research.

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Masaf Dawood

Canada Director, Google Cloud Services,

Chloe Tottem

Chloe Tottem

Account Executive, Higher Education & Research,
Google Cloud

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